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HeartStrings is a music-based youth development program for children K-5 of diverse backgrounds. Each child is equipped with a quality instrument, outstanding music instruction, community engagement activities, access to world renowned concerts, and performance opportunities. Ezinma yearns to increase access to quality music education for children of color.

HeartStrings Foundation

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A Non-Profit Manager

HeartStrings Foundation
Administration, Management
Non-Profit Manager
Becoming a Non-Profit Manager for the HeartStrings Foundation requires a combination of creativity, organization, imagination, reliability, and a responsibility to help our organization complete its mission statement. We're looking for someone who displays excellence in being a leader and a visionary, who values community-building, and has a passion for music as a tool for creating community.
Staying up to date on the views of people working for, supporting, and being served by the HeartStrings Foundation and consistently reflecting that in the services we provide.
Creating strategic plans for fundraising, efficiency with resources, overall growth of the foundation.
Managing and structuring board meetings
Overseeing financial budgeting
Understanding and maintaining compliance with government regulations on nonprofits
Manage all things regarding membership (such as retaining members, meeting growth goals, and communicating information to all of those involved with HeartStrings)
Minimum of a bachelor's degree in a relevant field of study or equivalent experience/training
Management experience including goal-setting and measurement, strategy formulation and implementation, project-planning
Experience in financial management of nonprofit and governmental organizations, including donor management, and fundraising campaigns
Excellent interpersonal skills
Excellent communication skills


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